The Canary Islands

The Canary archipelago counts seven main islands, of which Teneriffa, situated in the center, is the largest. They are all of astonishing and mysterious beauty.

Croisiere aux Îles Canaries

All these islands are at the same latitude as the South of Marocco: the weather is splendid and generally dry, all year round, and the autumn, winter and spring months are particularly agreable. Wind, usually from the North-East, is rarely lacking, but strongly influenced by the volcanic and mountainous profile of the islands. Variations in wind direction and force are often sudden and important, providing some lively crossings. The location is ideal for switching from sailing to farniente and tourism.

But I forget to mention animals! For those who enjoy bird watching, there are some interesting species to be seen and heard, such as various species of puffins. As for ceteaceans, it is difficult to avoid spotting various species of dolfins, blackfish or pilot-whales and whales during a crossing.

We intend to visit all the islands, and during a seven day sailing course we tipically stop over in three different islands, depending on the weather.

We advise to book early, in order to find really low-cost flights (below 100€)!

On all the courses below, the instructor will speak English (and/or German on demand).